I was asked how I viewed myself as a writer…

I’ve always liked writing. When I was young I liked to draw and color but as I got older, I began to write and I felt confident enough to tell people that I thought I was good at it. To be honest, I never really thought of myself as a storybook writer, I just felt like it was easier for me to complete essays and it felt like second nature. I love to write lyrics and poetry, and I just recently started keeping a dream journal. I recently quit smoking marijuana, and that alone brought my dreaming capabilities back; literally and figuratively. I guess when you go to bed after smoking; your body never really reaches full REM sleep; so you stop dreaming. Since I’ve stopped however, my dreams have gotten extremely vivid and when I wake up, I go “what the…?”. It’s exciting to think all this time I haven’t dreamt but now I can and they’re trippy. Beyond that, I always felt like writing was my talent and only mine. A lot of people know that they can sing or dance or play sports really well; I know I can write. It makes sense to me, I almost write better than I can explain with my own voice, it’s crazy.  The best part about writing I think is that there’s always room for improvement, and it’s probably one of the most personal things a person can do, so you’re always learning from other writers and it’s fun being surprised or shocked or angered by someone else’s writing. It sounds over simple, but I have started reading a lot more since I quit smoking and after I read, It seems like my vocabulary and ability to write gets supercharged. I kick myself for waiting this long to be fully enthralled in writing, reading, and improving my writing; but it’s also an adventure that I think is long overdue.


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