Fed, The End (By: Chris Hathaway)

a shadow government. tv says 1 man runs it. the drugs the kids the guns, they run it. while handcuffed citizens get shot in public. ask the Feds, they love it. they love telling us to take our rights and shove it. they love to see dictatorships reign and the fall of a republic. they love to target hippie pot smokers by beating their brains out with clubs, and they especially love dealing drugs in and out of clubs. don’t mind the obvious fuck-ups, please don’t see the flubs. Cuz we are justice in a planet imprisoned and you NEED us. don’t be scared of tattoo face, cuz we’re the real thugs. Gargoyles are fuckable compared to these mugs. So when you see us standing there, with our weapons acting smug, remember: you NEED us.


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