God (By: Chris Hathaway)

Neither Man nor a Woman, but a God. creator of all things visible, wielder of the lightening rod. Non believers are quick to judge me, but they don’t see what I see. Because what I see cannot be seen only believed but to me that’s seeing. They say I’m crazy for worshipping that old man in the sky, I say they’re crazy for worrying about my life. Stay away from the cynics, God created a path for you only. Love thy neighbor with all of your heart; it’s your one and only. God… What a noble and definitive answer; within him all things are possible. I give the middle finger to cancer. God is my refuge, the light of our days. Even for villains and violent offenders, for you I pray. With a wooden cross on satin resting on my heart, I know I am protected, we will never part.


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