The Night Rose. (By: Chris Hathaway)

The Night Rose.
Make sure to stop and smell them each time you get wound up.
Live life to fast and you’ll see just where you’ll wind up.
Above the ground below beam beautiful bouquets brightening up who’s day? We miss your voice, how you would rejoice each Saturday. You were so saintly like latter day. Please, stop and smell the night rose. For no one else appreciates its true beauty. Ignored by passers by, passed up for flowers newly. Newly, newly, how newly bloomed were the flowers of June. I plucked a sunflower for you then sang you a tune. I sang you a tune. Yes! Like you used to on Saturday, your acts of kindness so saintly like the saints of latter day. I bring you bountiful bouquets beautifully bestowed upon your name.. Brightening up my day but for a moment, yet I feel all the same.


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