buried in snow from head to toe. (By: Chris Hathaway)

Pain is the itch that comes n goes but when it’s there it’s hard to scratch. I want to chop the limb in question for itchiness off, just throw it away. But I can’t. I endure it because I know no other way. Human beings are the strongest creatures that breathe; but we also don’t know when enough’s enough. And we don’t like to quit. We just take the punishment; like boxers and stoners take hits. In a way we love it, pain reminds us that we’re alive. Even if we’re mean, cold, and dead inside. We feel it, we are helpless to it. Only strong will, a determined mind, and a brave soul can get you through it. And through it, we grow. Just know that even after it snows, and even if you’re buried from head to toe.. The sun will melt it all away.. And you’ll be able to stand on two feet for another day.. Just stay. Stay.


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