wish for two. (By: Chris Hathaway)

chandeliers overhead flicker and rock and sway, something so beautiful should not be this way. you are the queen of misery, yet you despise your company. I swim through the Atlantic at its infancy, nothing but me and crystal clear tides that let me see. What lies beneath? Nothing. But grief. Nothing but mirrors that remind me I’m me. mirrors that help me realize that the world is raw because I despise what I see, a poet that hates poetry. An ornament for torment like family photos on Christmas trees. I digress, you oppress. About love, I obsess. Beating hearts under your cheek as your rest on my chest. You were the best. I’d gun down the stars if they wouldn’t shoot for you, I’d force them. Just promise me you’ll wish for two. Promise you’ll wish for me and you….


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