treasure the silence.

I feel my best when I first wake up; when my eyes open wide and I become aware of my surroundings and of the new day. It’s a moment that we all experience, yet it’s very special to me and very near and dear to my heart. It’s the moment where you know for certain that nothing has gone wrong. The slate is clean, the day is brand new and it’s just waiting to be experienced. you’ve made no mistakes, you have no stress, no worries. you haven’t said any words you have no nagging thoughts that keep you anchored. nothing has happened. you’re just awake. under your blankets with maybe just the soothing sound of an oscillating fan to keep you relaxed. I love that moment. I often think to myself that nothing in this world can compare to just waking up and knowing that nothing has gone wrong. when you wake up, treasure the few minutes you’re given, maybe even seconds. treasure it because later, you might be wishing that you had that silence once again.


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