Documenting The Devastating. (By: Chris Hathaway)

my hand smears the ink staining the thoughts I think. like bloody hands of a killer on a white porcelain sink. I lie on the brink of self imposed destruction but I’ve not yet arrived so order me a drink. I’ll have another. keep em coming like boyfriends inside a neglectful mother. this world is ice cold, or maybe it’s just us. integrity got shot through the heart by deceit, violence, and lust. forgetting everything you stand for is a definite must. to survive. sell out? I rather charge a beehive, chain myself to an anchor and take the dive or decide to drink and drive. some of us are a waste of space and are lucky to be alive, but nothing more. instead of counting blessings we’re asking God for more. that’s the problem with our country; our belly’s full and we order more. we stack missed opportunities like teams failing to score, we miss what we take for granted like Poe missed Lenore. (nevermore. nevermore.) This generation is degenerating. Documenting The Devastating. Throwing away what’s worth creating like compulsive masturbating. Pointing our fingers with three pointed back at what we’re really hating. Desperately searching for the one that has trouble relating… Just like I do.


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