Fuck Your Validation.

My art teacher said the other day, she goes, “You can say you’re an artist, but do you have a review on the Huffington Post? You need to be validated before you can say you’re a real artist..” That really threw me off. How can she be so arrogant and defensive? In a way, she was putting herself above all of us who obviously don’t have a review on the post. This isn’t a big deal, except it is. It was discouraging. And a little unprofessional. I get it. You paint well. Some guy on the post said something about your work and therefore, you’re God. After she said that, I almost said something. But I bit my tongue, which, if you know me, you’d know that’s not like me. I like to question teachers about everything they say because A. They should never discourage students and B. They should know wtf they’re talking about or just shut up altogether. Artists can be very egocentric and arrogant, come to find out. As if there aren’t 11 year olds out there that can paint or draw equally as good as them or even better. It’s bullshit. With my teachers logic, you can say you’re a musician, but do you have a Grammy? Did MTV review your album? Even though I much rather listen to a band in someone’s yard and feel like I’m 100 feet tall than listen to Lady GaGa and lose brain cells. My teacher is GaGa, figuratively. I mean… You’re an artist if you want to be. Fuck them.


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