The Pendulum. (By: Chris Hathaway)

Have you ever gotten on a roller coaster and gotten that feeling of your stomach being flipped? On that pendulum ride, that’s the one. When it’s stable, you’re excited, not really knowing what to expect unless you’ve done it before. and then you start going, back n forth. Once you pick up momentum, you’re way up and at your highest peak, you feel your stomach turn. You either love or hate the feeling but it never fails. That’s how love is. At first, you’re stable, just strapped in waiting for the ride to start. Next thing you know you’re holding on for dear life while your stomach does a cartwheel and you think “Shit!” The ride is the relationship, back n forth on the pendulum while each side gets to feel that weird feeling in their own respective stomach. That feeling is the thrill of being in love. After the ride, you either become addicted to the thrill and become a roller coaster fiend, or you end up despising rides. Or relationships. You give up on them and your stomach hurts for a while. The question for those people is… Will you ever ride again?


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