Kids with 2 much rage need ridilin
Doc just nods n turns the page of his clipboard.
The truth is: the rage within that kid is the kid’s sword.
All pills n docs do is disarm you n make you bored.
Until all that’s left is a zombie hoard of kids affected.
Rejected by their parents the second that rage is detected.
Then shipped off 2 a shrink to get dissected.
Then 2 a doctor to get injected.
No more individualism, only conformity is respected.
After all, that is what we elected.
The media paints the psycho killer as a kid that’s “just crazy”.
When in reality, it’s you that’s crazy and sure as shit lazy.
What about the pills he took? What was he prescribed?
Oh, that’s too many questions. It would take too long to describe.
The fact is: psych pills cause mass murder and suicide.
Don’t believe me? Of course you don’t.
Because you believe the lie.


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