I hate that every picture of you includes you holding a beer.
I hate that you work all week just to blow all of your money on a 32 pack and a pack of Marlboro’s.
I hate that you’re a hypocrite and a weak minded follower.
I hate that you’re easily influenced to be foolish and stupid.
I hate that you’ve lost your belief in God.
I hate that you judge people for bettering themselves because you know that you’re too weak to do the same.
I hate that you consume alcohol and then drive.
I hate that you take strange drugs in order to have a temporary self esteem boost.
I hate that you surround yourself with people that will only get you arrested or killed.
I hate that you don’t care about what your mother would think about your behavior.
I hate that you use the excuse of a bad childhood for your weaknesses. Welcome to the real world, buddy. Everyone’s had it rough.
I love you. But I hate what you’ve become.


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