The Damsel of Britain. (By: Chris Hathaway)

I met a damsel at a bar in Britain. I asked her where the room was that they shit in. she told me, with eyes that wanted to scold me, but deep down inside I knew she wanted to hold me. I left her, off to the room to take strange drugs. I heard screaming from outside, looked out the window, saw a black widow, the damsel, and a pack of old thugs. One of them asked the other if they should make her a mother and the others just shrugged. I finished my strange drugs, packed my drugs, and followed the men who shrugged. the thugs. they pushed the damsel around, without any remorse, they knocked her down, and their pants hit the ground while atrocities started to run their course. I yelled at the men who shrugged, the thugs, of course. They froze in time. They told me to fuck myself or fall in line. I asked if I could go first, and they said that’s fine. The damsel seemed distressed, maybe it was just the wine. I walked over, and stared into her eyes, she asked me “how could you do this to me, fuck you guys!” and then she started to cry. I grabbed my knife, slit their throats and ended their thuggish lives. The damsel.. Oh, what a damsel.. Left with tears streaming down her cheek, it was the most traumatizing way to end a shitty week. I found her at my hotel at check in and she could barely speak. I asked her if she wanted to come with me to my room to relax and have a drink. She obliged. “Fuck, I really reek.” Said the damsel, yet no longer in distress. I said she can use my shower, she said ok but only under duress. I smiled. As she started to undress. She looked at me, I looked at her, and I started to undress. She charged me, and I squeezed her perfect breasts. I rammed her against my table and she was barely able to remain stable as her hands caressed my chest. She pulled me out and quickly realized there was no second best. We made it to the shower, for 3 hours we showered. Hollering, breaking glass, powering and devouring her perfect ass. She loved me, and I loved this animalistic lass. “Be with me, forever.” Said the damsel with more love and hope than most can ever wish to have. I replied “Forever isn’t long enough, if forever is all we have.” We went to sleep without making a peep. I love this woman. I fucking love her.


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