Wolves in Corporate Clothing.

What shall possess a person to lie to millions? Money? Sex? The fame? Lies are your life and to you, life’s a game. Truths, Deceits, to you it’s all the same. The mirror reveals a faceless, soulless droid. Without a brain and without a name. Your suit, your tie, your hundred dollar hair cut. Millions watch you and worship you, in the end, who’s really nuts? Just promise me that everything will be ok, so I can sleep. Count your money while I work and weep. On my tombstone it shall read: devoured by the wolves that dressed as sheep.


Medals Upon My Chest.

The disciples of war often leave us with empty stomachs, frothing at the mouth for more. Blood! Guts! We don’t have anymore. What else can we give? How else can we live? Bullets whiz by my neck as my brother bleeds like a sieve. A tear leaves his eye and falls down his cheek, I see his children within it like a crystal ball of contempt. honor. respect. medals upon my chest. I’m tired. I’m dehydrated. I’m shot through my vest. All for peace, all for freedom, all for a nation that has no belief in second best. I just want to rest. I just want to rest.. In peace.

Loud n’ Proud.

Let our cries ring loud!
We fall asleep while walking and talking, vomiting the words we hear from others.
Let our kids be proud!
We are all sheep, herded then deserted, shaken at the sight of our slaughtered mother and brother.
For all the times I’ve made a choice to ignore what’s staring me in the face, I regret those times in between, where I knew that I was a fucking disgrace.

death insurance.

without insurance, you’re surely dead. you spend that money on a place just to rest your head. loans, grants, we’re all just clueless ants being washed away by the hose buying whatever our hearts desire from drugs to clothes. until we wake up and we’re 40, with all of our dreams shot up our nose. where do we go? what are the consequences of the path we chose? nobody knows. nobody grows. we all satisfy the need of now, god willing we grow old…