love (body?) mind (body?)

so swanky, so revered
so cultured, so feared
brush strokes the beard
she’s feeling graceful
she’s always weird
but I like it
if her love (body?) was a mountain, I’d hike it.
so buzzed, so silly
so careless, willy nilly
pen draws the heart
she’s feeling tired
she’s always sleepy
lemon drops in vanilla honey tea with lavender tidings, in her clutch is my soul ever residing.
is my mind (body?) the real one doing all of my deciding?
you + me = us. flying.
me – you = us. dying.
lie back.. let me move your hair and kiss you, there.. candle wax dripping from the clouds way up, we dance in mid air. a burning desire with a dead stare, come die. all I do is care, do you? all I want is love, forever. shouldn’t you?


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