cosmic trances/moonlight dances
second chances/reindeer prances
shooting stars/wrecking cars
empty bars/smashed guitars
exploding rockets/electrical sockets
empty promises/full pockets
vegas strip/alcohol infused
being young/being confused
wasted time/need more time
poems that suck/poems that rhyme
sports and TV/teens with VD
hearts that break/keep on beating
gunned down/keep on shooting
gas prices down/keep on polluting
aurora borealis/on acid alice
drugs/booze/clues as to why I lose
love/sex/text me why you choose… me.
thrills/pills/mexican food and bills
against me/against you/something to do/something to kill
remind me why we are slaves? so we can buy shit? so we can pretend that we behave? money before ourselves and others, the priorities of what (who) we save.


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