If there’s a hell, maybe I’ll see you there. If there’s a heaven, I’ll save you a seat on the third-base-line. If there’s a reason why friends disappear, leave it here. If there’s a bridge not yet burned, hand me matches. If there’s a number to call to bury the hatchet, I’d call it. I’d patch everything up, but I don’t have any patches. If there’s a young child out there that gets it, hold on. If there’s a cripple that believes in miracles, walk on. If there’s a young couple in love on the phone, talk on. If there’s a will, it might get in the way. If there’s a reason to get outta bed, maybe I’ll do that thing today. If you see me across the street, don’t bother crossing. If you have wisdom stuck in your teeth, don’t bother flossing. You need it. I need you. I’m sick of myself and others or maybe it’s just the flu. I don’t know. I don’t wanna grow. There’s a roller coaster called life but on it, I don’t wanna go. With feet planted firmly I sink into the sand that causes reverberations around my kneecaps and the ocean sounds clearer, more aggressive. I just want to have money, love, and a home……. God bless us, the obsessive.


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