Making plans/flaking
Shaking hands/faking
Late to class/made it
Sitting in class/hate it
Learning names/forgetting
Placing blames/regretting
Shock value/cheapest
No value/steepest
Same ol’/same ol’
The same ol’ same ol’ is getting old


A Mute Canary.

a mute canary/a phony fairy
a light switched on/with no power
a glass of milk/that goes down sour
I write to waste time, waste me.
I like that you like to taste me.
I love that you love to face me.
please god, please don’t disgrace me.
brutality, barbarism, death. nothing seems to phase me.
I’ve seen it all, except curiosity erased me.
an empty ocean/a hatred potion
a watch worn/with broken hands
a kid with potential/without any plans.
I like to try and write to waste time.
Maybe I’m just wasting myself.
Time will soon tell what I consider a hobby, a necessity, or wealth.


cosmic trances/moonlight dances
second chances/reindeer prances
shooting stars/wrecking cars
empty bars/smashed guitars
exploding rockets/electrical sockets
empty promises/full pockets
vegas strip/alcohol infused
being young/being confused
wasted time/need more time
poems that suck/poems that rhyme
sports and TV/teens with VD
hearts that break/keep on beating
gunned down/keep on shooting
gas prices down/keep on polluting
aurora borealis/on acid alice
drugs/booze/clues as to why I lose
love/sex/text me why you choose… me.
thrills/pills/mexican food and bills
against me/against you/something to do/something to kill
remind me why we are slaves? so we can buy shit? so we can pretend that we behave? money before ourselves and others, the priorities of what (who) we save.

love (body?) mind (body?)

so swanky, so revered
so cultured, so feared
brush strokes the beard
she’s feeling graceful
she’s always weird
but I like it
if her love (body?) was a mountain, I’d hike it.
so buzzed, so silly
so careless, willy nilly
pen draws the heart
she’s feeling tired
she’s always sleepy
lemon drops in vanilla honey tea with lavender tidings, in her clutch is my soul ever residing.
is my mind (body?) the real one doing all of my deciding?
you + me = us. flying.
me – you = us. dying.
lie back.. let me move your hair and kiss you, there.. candle wax dripping from the clouds way up, we dance in mid air. a burning desire with a dead stare, come die. all I do is care, do you? all I want is love, forever. shouldn’t you?

Wolves in Corporate Clothing.

What shall possess a person to lie to millions? Money? Sex? The fame? Lies are your life and to you, life’s a game. Truths, Deceits, to you it’s all the same. The mirror reveals a faceless, soulless droid. Without a brain and without a name. Your suit, your tie, your hundred dollar hair cut. Millions watch you and worship you, in the end, who’s really nuts? Just promise me that everything will be ok, so I can sleep. Count your money while I work and weep. On my tombstone it shall read: devoured by the wolves that dressed as sheep.

Medals Upon My Chest.

The disciples of war often leave us with empty stomachs, frothing at the mouth for more. Blood! Guts! We don’t have anymore. What else can we give? How else can we live? Bullets whiz by my neck as my brother bleeds like a sieve. A tear leaves his eye and falls down his cheek, I see his children within it like a crystal ball of contempt. honor. respect. medals upon my chest. I’m tired. I’m dehydrated. I’m shot through my vest. All for peace, all for freedom, all for a nation that has no belief in second best. I just want to rest. I just want to rest.. In peace.

Loud n’ Proud.

Let our cries ring loud!
We fall asleep while walking and talking, vomiting the words we hear from others.
Let our kids be proud!
We are all sheep, herded then deserted, shaken at the sight of our slaughtered mother and brother.
For all the times I’ve made a choice to ignore what’s staring me in the face, I regret those times in between, where I knew that I was a fucking disgrace.