Last days

Last days and… Past days and… I see you… And you are viewing me through the iron door… Picture me perfectly placed under the floor… To touch you… The rush you… And my…. Last days… Past days… To love you… And the love you… Give to me… Give in to me… Give everything up… Responsibilities and… The like… I see you… And you are looking through me… To touch you… The rush you… Give me.



never ending cynicism upon a tide of sea salts…I look at everything and everyone and see myself within their faults. backwash the liquid, my saliva coated with venoms. my teeth drip and the vomit of my mouth explains why.. let’s all label each other and die by it, I made my bed but refuse to lie by it. Am I giving up and relinquishing my imagination by writing? Am I living up to the expectations of my loved ones, even though I feel like hiding? my dark room is so serene.. an observatory of nothing, stars would keep me wide eyed and I have no time for that. I’m beat. I’m sleepy. I’m in need of affection. I’ve caught the bug. The ones on my bed. Soul seeping. Alarm beeping. I’m drained like my sinus infection. Blah.

Stood Up. (By: Chris Hathaway)

The breeze is blowing the petals off this bouquet I bought.
She’s probably just getting dressed. Hair, makeup, and what not.
My tie is tied wrong, dammit. Maybe she won’t notice.
She’s probably getting held up by her parents, it was short notice.
My watch says half passed the hour. The very hour before I went and bought these flowers.
She’s probably stuck choosing her dress. That’s it. She always does look her very best.
My shoelaces are undone but I digress. At least I have a really nice and expensive vest.
She’s running late, man. I look at my watch it’s getting late, man.
She’s never this untimely. Maybe she’s depending on a ride, oh finally!
Wait, no. That’s a different car. God, I wish I didn’t have to drive out this far.
My coat contains a note, one I wrote just for her.
She’s probably stuck in traffic. That’s it. I hope she’s safe this night was for me and her.
I look around and see a lively town, full of lights and people and lively sounds.
I get a text, God what next! Oh, it’s her!
She says she can’t make it, but that it’s not me it’s her.

Nana. (By: Chris Hathaway)

Nana, you are my soul.
My heart, My diamond, My gold.
You make it so I can be mean and get away with it.
Nobody does with love like what you do with it.
Nana, you are my everything.
My queen, My being, My reason to sing.
You make it so I can be mean and get away with it.
Nobody does with love like what you do with it.
Nana, you’re so warm like the sun at its highest peak on my cheek.
There are no words I could speak to explain what I think about you.
In hopes that you understand, this song’s for you.
I love you, Nana. This one’s for you.

hangin’ on. (By: Chris Hathaway)

my boots are dragging on the pavement.
I’m reaching for the stars but haven’t made it.
you make it so nothing I do could ever cause those I love any harm.
your love is so unconditional I’m hangin’ onto you like a charm.
please don’t leave me. never do and I’ll be… there.
my notes are un-read like misplaced mail.
I’m locked up in this rut someone come break me out of this jail.
you make it so I can lie my head on pillows and dream of sunsets on the farm.
your love is so unconditional I’m hangin’ onto you like a charm.
please don’t leave me. never do and I’ll be… there.

3 wishes (By: Chris Hathaway)

If I was granted 3 wishes, all I would need is 1. I would banish worldwide heartache, and sing with everyone. I would have her, the one that no longer loves me. I would use 1 wish to steal her kiss I’d clench my fist to protect this wish. I would stop the hate, the anger, all this. If I had 3 wishes I’d give two away, just to witness this. If I was granted 3 wishes, I would hold on to them real tight. I would use 1 to make it right the next 1 to have strong might. For her I would fight, for those 3 wishes. If I was granted them tonight.

Sunsets on Doorsteps (By: Chris Hathaway)

Sunsets on doorsteps for you, my darling. With tear drops below the bridge reflected by the moon; it’s blue like June. That we are apart like the oceans and the moon, yet lust for each other every dawn until noon, until nite when the tides are black and the wind is unforgiving; unrelenting winds keep piercing. Stepping into the black tides ; so tempting. The unknown : so tantalizing. I’m dying to feel her but scared to death of realizing, that we are meant to be apart like the oceans and moonlight rising.