Last days

Last days and… Past days and… I see you… And you are viewing me through the iron door… Picture me perfectly placed under the floor… To touch you… The rush you… And my…. Last days… Past days… To love you… And the love you… Give to me… Give in to me… Give everything up… Responsibilities and… The like… I see you… And you are looking through me… To touch you… The rush you… Give me.



never ending cynicism upon a tide of sea salts…I look at everything and everyone and see myself within their faults. backwash the liquid, my saliva coated with venoms. my teeth drip and the vomit of my mouth explains why.. let’s all label each other and die by it, I made my bed but refuse to lie by it. Am I giving up and relinquishing my imagination by writing? Am I living up to the expectations of my loved ones, even though I feel like hiding? my dark room is so serene.. an observatory of nothing, stars would keep me wide eyed and I have no time for that. I’m beat. I’m sleepy. I’m in need of affection. I’ve caught the bug. The ones on my bed. Soul seeping. Alarm beeping. I’m drained like my sinus infection. Blah.

Ballerina (By: Chris Hathaway)

Without a shadow of a doubt, my shadow is the one I doubt. Following me like a stalker, I need help like old people need walkers. Inside my brain I hear singers and talkers, locked up inside my soul like books locked up in lockers. Tic Toc Tic Toc it gets later like alligators. The moon is so selfless, the stars need not a creator. Yet God is there, spinning and twirling like a ballerina. Baptized in the name of the father; really thought it was my Nina.

3 wishes (By: Chris Hathaway)

If I was granted 3 wishes, all I would need is 1. I would banish worldwide heartache, and sing with everyone. I would have her, the one that no longer loves me. I would use 1 wish to steal her kiss I’d clench my fist to protect this wish. I would stop the hate, the anger, all this. If I had 3 wishes I’d give two away, just to witness this. If I was granted 3 wishes, I would hold on to them real tight. I would use 1 to make it right the next 1 to have strong might. For her I would fight, for those 3 wishes. If I was granted them tonight.

Sunsets on Doorsteps (By: Chris Hathaway)

Sunsets on doorsteps for you, my darling. With tear drops below the bridge reflected by the moon; it’s blue like June. That we are apart like the oceans and the moon, yet lust for each other every dawn until noon, until nite when the tides are black and the wind is unforgiving; unrelenting winds keep piercing. Stepping into the black tides ; so tempting. The unknown : so tantalizing. I’m dying to feel her but scared to death of realizing, that we are meant to be apart like the oceans and moonlight rising.

Hours and Minutes (By: Chris Hathaway)

When drugs ruled my life, my days on earth consisted of mere Hours and Minutes. Living? I wasn’t. Time was more alive than I, and it had zero remorse for me. When I was high, my mind body and soul flew autopilot. I was like a futuristic mech only living to serve, to kill. Except I wasn’t killing for a just cause; I was killing my own existence. Hours and Minutes had passed, and I sat crazed. dazed. When I got clean, I rediscovered the gleam within my eye; Hours and Minutes turned to tangible experiences; life began all over again.

Fed, The End (By: Chris Hathaway)

a shadow government. tv says 1 man runs it. the drugs the kids the guns, they run it. while handcuffed citizens get shot in public. ask the Feds, they love it. they love telling us to take our rights and shove it. they love to see dictatorships reign and the fall of a republic. they love to target hippie pot smokers by beating their brains out with clubs, and they especially love dealing drugs in and out of clubs. don’t mind the obvious fuck-ups, please don’t see the flubs. Cuz we are justice in a planet imprisoned and you NEED us. don’t be scared of tattoo face, cuz we’re the real thugs. Gargoyles are fuckable compared to these mugs. So when you see us standing there, with our weapons acting smug, remember: you NEED us.